At Ameren, we're focused on making the grid smarter for better reliability, faster identification of problems and prevention of outages. We're focused on making sure the energy you need is there when you need it, so we've installed smart grid applications in several areas:

  • Transmission Grid - Our nation's interconnected electrical system backbone.
    Ameren has installed special sensors that make it possible for our operators to better monitor grid conditions and prevent disturbances elsewhere on the nation's transmission grid from cascading into local or regional power outages. This monitoring capability also helps us incorporate even greater quantities of energy from renewable sources, like wind and solar power.
  • Substation - Power facility that serves as an interconnection point within the grid. 
    Ameren's companies have updated the technology used with our substations, including systems to monitor major equipment automatically and in real time. Also, smart technologies allow us to remotely control substation switches to quickly isolate damage and, in many cases, automatically restore your power by switching to an alternate supply.
  • Distribution Grid - Wires and poles delivering electricity to homes and businesses.
    Ameren companies own and operate more than 78,000 miles of distribution lines within Illinois and Missouri. The automation of the distribution grid allows our utility companies to identify and locate an outage automatically and to open and close devices remotely – often allowing us to switch the flow of power to avoid damaged locations.
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure - Installing advanced electric meters. 
    As part of Ameren Illinois' Modernization Action Plan (MAP), the company will be installing 780,000 advanced electric meters in customers homes and businesses over the next six years. Advanced meters can improve efficiency, reliability and help customers better manage their energy. (more)
Making our grid "smarter" involves installing and using smart technology and equipment across our electrical systems. With smart grid technology, we can focus on providing you with the energy you need now and for life. Learn more - view our video.
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