Know the Signs - Natural Gas Pipeline Markers 
The pipeline markers shown to the right are the most common type of markers. They include information about the type of product in the pipeline, the name of the company that owns the pipeline, the 24 hour emergency number, and the message urging everyone to “call before you dig.” Call 811 to request on-site markings of the pipeline 48 hours before doing any type of digging.

Always remember that these markers only give the approximate location of the pipeline.



Casing vent markers are used at road or railroad crossings. The pipeline is protected by a steel outer casing, and the marker is set on the casing to detect any leaks.
Visual inspections of Ameren’s pipeline rights-of-way, which include the casing vent markers, are conducted on a regular schedule. Ameren also inspects sections of a pipeline with specialized equipment on foot, by truck or with an all-terrain vehicle.

Aerial markers may also be present along the pipeline right-of-way. The aerial marker is designed and position for recognition by air. Patrol planes use an aerial marker to pinpoint specific locations along the pipeline.

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