Nuclear Opportunities 
Explore potential career options at Callaway Energy Center:

Maintenance - works in mechanical and electrical areas, including instruments and controls and maintenance support.

Operations - operates nuclear reactor equipment in a safe and efficient manner and handles and stores nuclear fuel on site.

Radiation Protection - works to ensure that the radiological health and safety of the energy center staff and public are as low as reasonably achievable.

Protective Services - oversees security, emergency preparedness and protective services support.

Engineering - provides technical support to energy center operations which includes testing, program administration, fuel management, reactor design and radiological engineering.
Work Management - plans and implements refueling outages and other work activities.

Quality Assurance - manages quality control, inspection and testing activities to support maintenance and outages.

Training - coordinates the development, preparation and presentation of training programs for energy center personnel to maintain safe, legal and efficient operations.

- provides clerical support, including maintaining all required records and documents for the energy center.
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