FAQs: First line Supervisor (FLS) Test 

    The FLS test lasts approximately 4 hours. Although it is a timed test, individuals can move through the test at their own pace, based on specified time-frames within each module.
    The selection committee receives a <b>Recommended</b> or <b>Not Recommended</b> test result for each candidate.
    If candidates are <b>Recommended</b> on the FLS, they will be contacted by a recruiter about the next steps in the hiring process. A <b>Recommended</b> test result is considered valid for a job until the requirements or qualifications of the job change, or the test requirements change. Your test results are valid as long as Ameren uses this test. <br /><br /> All candidates who receive a <b>Not Recommended</b> test result are not eligible to retest for <b>90 days</b> after the last unsuccessful test attempt. If candidates are <b>Not Recommended</b> on the second attempt, they are required to wait 18 months, and demonstrate that they have pursued developmental activity (e.g., relevant education, experience, work assignments, or project roles) during the 18 months.<br /> <br /> All retests are scheduled by invitation only. To retake a test, you must reapply for a new position requiring that test.<br /> <br />
    At this point, individual FLS testing is only available to those individuals who have applied for an FLS position and successfully cleared the preliminary screening (e.g., education, experience, etc.).
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