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Community and education go hand in hand, and Ameren understands the relationship between the two. That’s why you’ll find us in your community, providing resources for students, teachers and parents.

Find interactive games, safety reminders, videos and other learning resources on energy at KidsActOnEnergy.com.

Learning Resources
Discover learning activities on <a href="http://www.e-smartonline.net/safeelectricity/index.php" target="_blank">SafeElectricity.org</a> and the EIA <a href="http://www.eia.gov/kids/" target="_blank">Energy Kids</a> website.
Meet our Mascots
You can request a visit from <a href ="http://apps.ameren.com/Education/LouieVisitRequest.aspx" target ="_blank"> Louie the Lightning Bug</a> and <a href = "http://apps.ameren.com/Education/SniffyVisitRequest.aspx" target = "_blank"> Sniffy the Sniffasaurus</a>.
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