Power Line and Utility Pole Safety in the Workplace 
  • Always assume power lines are live. This applies to power lines on utility poles as well as those near homes and buildings. Even though you may notice a covering on a line, never assume it is safe to touch. Even momentary contact with power lines can cause injury or death. View our safety video on down power lines.
  • Keep all cranes, scaffolding and high reach equipment away from power lines. Contact with a power line can cause serious burns or electrocution. Remember to work a safe distance from all power lines.
  • When performing construction activities, keep equipment at least 10 feet from power lines and 25 feet from transmission tower lines. Use a spotter to ensure compliance with the line clearance. If clearance cannot be obtained, request that Ameren de-energize the lines.
  • Exercise precautions when using ladders or cleaning near a service drop. The wires are covered with weatherproofing material, not insulation. The material can become brittle or cracked and may expose energized wires.
  • Be cautious around guy wires that support utility poles. Be careful not to run over or into them with equipment or vehicles. Report any damaged guy wires to Ameren.
  • Keep yourself and others away from any fallen power lines.Call Ameren immediately to report the location of the down wires.
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