Decorating Safety 
  • Never overload electrical circuits or outlets. Use Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (ULĀ®) certified surge protector strips if multiple outlets are required.

  • Plug outdoor cords into GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets. It is suggested that GFCI outlets be used for indoor lights, as well.

  • Keep electrical connections off the ground and away from water.

  • Only use insulated staples to attach extension cords and lights to wood. Never use nails, tacks or regular staples.

  • Never leave holiday tree lights on when away from your residence.

  • Avoid running outdoor lights or extension cords through door or window openings where they can be damaged.

  • Do not place cords under rugs or carpets where they can be walked upon or where someone can trip over them.

  • Watch for and correct problems with cords and faulty sockets, and always avoid jerking on wires because you can break insulation and damage plugs.

  • Make certain lights, decorations and other electrical devices are disconnected when installing or working on them.
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