Ameren Warns Customers of Scams 
If you've ever received a call, email, mailing or someone at your door claiming to represent Ameren, the information below can protect you from being a victim of a scam.
What We Do What We Do Not Do
Offer various payment options. (more)
Take payments over the phone using third party vendor Western Union Speedpay.
Notify you prior to a disconnection through mail, text and email alerts. Field representatives may also contact you by phone or in person to inform you of a disconnection.
Work with vendors to conduct surveys on our behalf.
Initiate payment arrangements by phone with an Ameren representative.
Mail (or email) information periodically to increase awareness of new programs, products and services that may affect your account.
Send emails that include attachments, unless you've contacted us to specifically request the information.
Demand personal, account or financial information for immediate payment.
Come to your home without a scheduled appointment for reported outages or gas leak orders.
Have a question? Contact us.

Ameren Illinois: 800.755.5000

Ameren Missouri: 800.552.7583

Recent Scams Using Ameren's Name:
Mar. 2014
Phone scam demanding payment by credit, debit or pre-paid "Green Dot" card or be disconnected immediately. We never demand payments; we offer payment arrangements. Call us to report this scam.
Jan. 2014
Nationwide email scam requesting you to make an immediate payment by opening an attachment. The attachment is believed to be a virus. Do not respond to the request or message, do not open any attachments and delete the email immediately.
Person claiming to be an Ameren representative comes to your home. Ask for photo identification clearly showing an Ameren logo. If they do not have any, call us to report this scam.
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