Heartbleed Vulnerability 
After a thorough review, Ameren has determined that its website is not currently susceptible to the Heartbleed vulnerability.     
What is Heartbleed?    
The Heartbleed vulnerability exploits a flaw in a recent version of OpenSSL, a widely used technology to encrypt, or secure, User IDs, passwords, credit card information and other sensitive data transmitted through websites.
Ameren took immediate action and verified that the version of OpenSSL Ameren uses is not susceptible to the Heartbleed vulnerability. At this time, Ameren has no indication that your information was exposed. Ameren recognizes that cybersecurity experts are continuing to study the possible impacts of the Heartbleed vulnerability, and we continue to collaborate with our key technology providers, industry counterparts and other federal agencies to stay abreast of this fluid issue.
How can you protect yourself? 
Unfortunately, there is no 100% guarantee of privacy when transmitting information through the internet. Accordingly, it is always a very good idea to follow some basic security procedures:
  • We suggest you change your Ameren account password if it is similar to one you use elsewhere; especially if there is any chance one of those websites may have been exposed.
  • Continue to change your passwords on a regular basis.  
  • Use unique passwords for each site that you visit. If possible, use passwords that combine upper and lower case letters with numbers.
  • Monitor email accounts, bank accounts, social media accounts and other online accounts for suspicious activity. 
  • Be extra vigilant for phishing. That's when cyber criminals pose as a legitimate company and use fake emails, text messages or websites to try to trick you into providing personal or sensitive information. Cybercriminals often use events like Heartbleed to drive panic and urgency to lure unsuspecting consumers to provide personal information. Don't fall for their bait! 
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