Your Solar Energy 
Whether you own a home or business, it is important to accurately weigh the costs and benefits of installing a solar energy system. Here are some of the costs and benefits of a solar energy system:

  • The fuel of solar (the sun) is free
  • Photovoltaic panels typically have a long life
  • Solar energy is available wherever the sun shines
  • Solar energy can be plentiful when consumption of electricity is highest
  • Solar energy allows us to be less reliant on fossil fuels
  • Rebates and funds help offset set-up costs
  • Solar energy systems require planning
  • Start-up costs associated with solar energy are relatively high
  • Overall solar generation costs may not be lower than the cost of energy from your present supplier
  • Insurance premiums to cover a solar energy system is an additional cost and often can be expensive
  • Maintenance of your solar energy system is your responsibility


More information about planning and installing a solar energy system is available on these pages.

Home & Business
Learn more about how to use solar energy with your <a href="/Solar/Pages/HomeandBusiness.aspx">home or business</a>.
How To Get Started
Take the next step toward <a href="/Solar/Pages/Howtogetstarted.aspx">incorporating solar energy into your life</a>.
Rebates & Funding
<a href="/Solar/Pages/RebatesandFunds.aspx">Rebates and funds</a> can help you get your solar project off the ground!
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