Ameren Transmission Company - ATX 
Ameren Transmission is a subsidiary dedicated to electric transmission infrastructure investment, expanding Ameren's already robust transmission system of more than 7,400 circuit miles of high-voltage transmission lines in Illinois and Missouri.

The new company will build transmission projects initially within Illinois and Missouri, with the potential for expanding to other areas in the future. "ATX will invest in transmission that will improve reliability, improve access to renewable energy resources, enhance the efficiency of regional energy markets, help pave the way to a smarter grid, and bring significant jobs and other economic benefits to the region," said Thomas R. Voss, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Ameren Corporation.

While Ameren's regulated local electric utilities will continue to own existing transmission facilities and related new assets, ATX will invest in, and own, new major transmission projects. "Customers can expect to benefit from improved reliability and more efficient energy markets as new lines are built," said ATX President and chief executive officer Maureen Borkowski, who leads Ameren's transmission function and has more than 25 years experience in the utility industry. "New transmission development will also help Ameren pursue its environmental goals by supporting the integration of renewable resources to meet renewable portfolio standards both in Illinois and Missouri."
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