Easement Agreements 
What Is An Easement Agreement or Right-Of-Way?
When building new lines, Ameren typically acquires easements for transmission rights-of-way. An easement is a permanent, legal right to use the property of a landowner for a specific purpose. The easement width is based on the voltage of the line - the higher the voltage, the wider the easement - typically easements are 100 to 150 feet wide, but they can be larger.
Easements typically give Ameren the right to build, operate and maintain a transmission line. Tree trimming and brush removal is an important part of transmission maintenance. Compensation is made to landowners at the time the easement is initially acquired, and the terms of the easement remain in place as property is transferred, or sold, to new owners.
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Any permission for plantings (including, but not limited to, maximum heights, clearances, and buffer zones) on this website are subject to change without notice and from time to time by Ameren Corporation or any of its subsidiaries. Current and future rules, regulations and orders of federal and state authorities may restrict or prohibit plantings, or may require changes to plantings, without notice and from time to time. Ameren reserves the right to require trimming or removal, at Ameren’s sole discretion, of any plantings previously permitted, whether under this brochure or otherwise. No rights to maintain any planting will result from reliance on this brochure or any other authorization of Ameren Corporation or its subsidiaries.
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