Managing Trees Near Transmission Lines 
Ameren continually manages vegetation on its transmission rights-of-way to provide safe, reliable electrical service while maintaining, and, where possible, improving wildlife habitat within the rights-of-way.

The Zoned Approach
Ameren takes a "zoned" approach to managing vegetation both under and to the sides of high voltage transmission wires along our transmission rights-of-way.

Wire Zone
The zone directly beneath and 20 feet beyond the wires is called the "wire zone." It is managed to encourage low growing plant species with a mature height of 10 feet or less. If the wire is less than 30 feet off the ground when loaded, the zone should be maintained as grass.
Border Zone
The border zone, when present, is an area from the wire zone to the edge of a maintained right-of-way or easement. In general, this area is limited to plant species that have a mature height of less than 20 feet. Any tall-growing trees or vegetation in the border zone will be managed to obtain appropriate clearances.

Clearing Around Structures (view diagram)
To ensure safety and reliability, plant species within 10 feet of any transmision structure/tower base or guy wire will be removed. From 10 feet to 20 feet around the structure/tower base or guy wire, plant species that normally reach a mature height greater than 3 feet will be removed. Exceptions will be made for annual crops such as corn, soybean, rye, winter wheat and wildlife food plots.

For an inspection of your tree and line situation, call:

Illinois:     800.755.5000
Missouri: 800.552.7583
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Any permission for plantings (including, but not limited to, maximum heights, clearances, and buffer zones) on this website are subject to change without notice and from time to time by Ameren Corporation or any of its subsidiaries. Current and future rules, regulations and orders of federal and state authorities may restrict or prohibit plantings, or may require changes to plantings, without notice and from time to time. Ameren reserves the right to require trimming or removal, at Ameren’s sole discretion, of any plantings previously permitted, whether under this brochure or otherwise. No rights to maintain any planting will result from reliance on this brochure or any other authorization of Ameren Corporation or its subsidiaries.
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