Smart Meter FAQs 

    Meters at our homes and businesses measure energy usage as it accumulates over the course of each billing month - in much the same way that the mileage odometer in a car measures the total distance over the course of a trip.<br/><br/> According to the industry today, a smart meter is characterized as two-way radio communication between the meter and the utility. Most smart meters also come with another radio that can exchange information with smart devices the consumer may have in the home.
    No. Ameren customers have what the industry refers to as automated meters, which communicate with Ameren in one direction only, by broadcasting energy usages wirelessly. There are many benefits associated with smart meters that automated meters provide as well as such as automatic meter reads, outage detection and restoration notifications, tamper detection capability and reductions in estimated billing - and we've been able to take advantage of these benefits for nearly 20 years.
    For a utility that has residential energy rates that vary by time of day or according to market fluctuations, smart meters are used to communicate energy usage and pricing information directly to the customer. While there are other ways to accomplish this (like over the Internet for example), a smart meter represents one of the communication options available to customers.<br/><br/> Other utilities installing smart meters today are doing so because of either legislative mandates or they do not have any degree of meter automation like we offer to our customers.
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