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If you consider installing a solar energy system for your home, try using the PVWATTS calculator from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The calculator and default information provided will give you an accurate estimate of the impact a new solar system will have on your electric bill. 
Follow these steps to determine the performance of your home’s solar energy system.

  1. Access the PVWATTS calculator.
  2. Click on the closest town to you from the displayed map.
  3. Input the size of your solar panel in the “DC Rating (kW)” field, as indicated (all other fields are auto-populated based on the location selection in step 2).

  4. Update other field values, if needed.
  5. Click calculate.
  6. The AC Energy & Cost Savings window displays. The bottom right corner of the chart shows the estimated annual reduction to your electric bill.
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