Compressed Air Savings Tips 
For Electric Customers

A hole the size of a pencil eraser in a system pressurized at 120 cubic feet per minute may cost over $10,000 in wasted energy per year. If a compressor never shuts off, it may be running to supply compressed air to the leaks in your system. Repairing compressed air leaks gives your compressor time to shut off, which saves energy and maintenance costs.
How do I find all the leaks?
  • Get a compressed air audit if you suspect leaks in a compressed air system.
  • A qualified auditor will locate, identify, and tag all leaks.
  • The auditor will provide a report that prioritizes any needed repairs.
  • An auditor may be able to estimate the potential energy savings per leak.
  • Ask your auditor to also estimate the total potential energy savings once all leaks are repaired.

How can I find an air auditor?
Call 800.552.7583 to find a qualified air auditor in Ameren’s Value Added Partner Network.

How can I save energy on my air system?
  • Stop air leaks.
  • Locate leaks by having a qualified air auditor evaluate your system.
  • Make the repairs recommended by your professional audit.
  • Having the audit does not save energy - making the repairs does!
  • Identify and stop unnecessary, inefficient uses such as cooling, or running the air system when equipment is idle.

To keep your air system running efficiently, learn about Compressed Air Best Practices on the U.S. Department of Energy website.
Compressed Air Maintenance
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