Electrically Commutated Motors Savings Tips 
  • Electrically commutated motor (ECMs) are excellent devices for the energy-conscious individual wanting to save on both energy consumption and energy costs.
  • They do not require airflow inside the motor for cooling purposes due to the electric motor’s overall construction.
  • The entire assembly that is not affected by centrifugal forces is a distinct advantage of this type of design.
  • ECMs are more efficient at converting electrical energy into mechanical force, an advantage derived from the absence of brushes.
  • These motors do not have any losses due to friction or electricity. This is more evident when an ECM performs at low loads or no loads compared to brushed DC motors.
  • It should be noted when the mechanical load is high, both brushed and brushless DC motors operate at virtually the same efficiency level.
  • Overall, the ECM tends to be more efficient than its industry counterparts. Compared to brushed DC motors, the cost of installing and implementing ECMs is relatively higher, however the long term benefits of an ECM may outweigh the cost of procuring and implementing the motor.
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