Oven - Food Service Overview 
For Electric & Natural Gas Customers

Combination Oven
The combination natural gas or electric oven is an extremely versatile cooking platform with the added bonus of a self-cleaning feature. Operating a combination oven in "steam" or "combination" mode typically uses more energy and water than operating in traditional convection mode. Use the oven’s programming capabilities to properly control different cooking modes to maximize energy efficiency and cost savings.

Do your homework when buying a combination oven: the most efficient models will use about half as much energy and water as the inefficient models.
You can save $400 to $800 annually off an electric combination oven by cutting out two hours of idle time per day.

Convection Oven
Convection ovens are the industry standard due to faster cook-times produced by increased hot air movement inside the oven cavity. In addition, convection ovens are now eligible for ENERGY STAR® certification.

Cost-Saving Tips
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR label 
  • Cut idle time and turn off back-up ovens when possible
  • Fully load the oven when cooking
  • Replace seals and tighten hinges
  • Buy an ENERGY STAR certified convection oven and save:
    $190 for electricity annually (electric oven), or $360 for natural gas annually (gas oven)
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