GU-24 Lamp Overview 
  For Electric Customers

GU-24 lamps, also called light bulbs, have two small bayonet style pins on the base of the bulb which fit into a twist-lock style connection in a GU-24 fixture. This connection replaces the standard screw type bulb.

The bulbs require a special fixture that only accepts the GU-24 pin type base. Home builders who install only the new 2-pin type fixture guarantee the home owner will use energy saving 2-pin style bulbs, eliminating the energy wasting "Edison" type incandescent bulb. Some states mandate pin type fixtures for all new home construction. Learn more about GU24 Lamp / Ballast System Developments from ENERGY STAR.

Customers who would like to use the GU-24 two (2) pin base bulb in their existing screw-in socket can purchase an adaptor to screw into existing traditional type sockets. Please note using an adaptor will lengthen the overall profile of the bulb.
GU-24 bulb safety, gu24 bulb safety
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