Inlet Damper Overview 
For Natural Gas Customers

An inlet damper allows the proper amount of air to enter a boiler for optimal combustion with the fuel. When the boiler is off line or in standby mode, a well-sealed closed inlet damper will stop the air flow from going through the boiler allowing the boiler to stay as hot as possible and not cool off. Any cooling off the boiler requires fuel to be used to heat the water back up to operating temperature. 

For example, if a boiler operates at 190º and the poor operating inlet damper lets air pass through the opening and cool, the boiler down to 140º  while on standby, the water in the boiler will needed to be reheated back up to the operating temperature of 190º before use. As a result of the cooling from the poor seal or bad operating inlet damper, more fuel whether electric, gas, coal, propane, or oil, is needed to reheat the water back to operating water temperature. A good sealing damper will slow down or stop the cool air from flowing through the boiler reducing the heat loss therefore reducing the energy needed to bring back to operation temperature of 190º. The fuel saved from a proper operating damper increases the energy efficiency of the boiler and reduces energy cost increasing energy efficiency.
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