Motor Savings Tips 
 For Electric Customers

  • Safety First! Follow your company’s “Lockout & Tag Out Safety Procedures” before starting any electrical testing or maintenance inspection.
  • Maintain motor inventor records with a separate file for each motor including all the motor name plate data and base line information from initial startup.
  • Check motors often to identify potential problems. Early indication of a problem allows you to schedule replacement rather than interrupting production.
  • Proper motor alignment of the motor shaft and the equipment it turns not only saves wear on bearings, seals, and couplings, but allows the shaft to rotate more freely saving energy. Contact our Energy Advisor Team at 877.426.3736 for information for a qualified Laser Alignment Contractor.
  • Lubricate motors according to Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, manufacturers’ specifications.
  • For your electrical testing, check your wiring system for bad connections, poor grounding and shorts to ground.
  • An infrared camera is an excellent tool for locating wire and fuse connect hot spots and identifying potential failure opportunities. Contact our Energy Advisor Team at 877.426.3736 for information for a qualified Infrared Camera Contractor.
  • Phase Unbalance in a three-phase system should be within 1% to avoid motor issues and possible warranty issues on new motors. Several factors can affect voltage and a qualified electrician can help you determine if you have concerns to address.
  • Motor voltage should be kept as close to the manufacture nameplate as possible. Variations in voltage can cause premature failure and unanticipated shut downs.

Replacement - Before Motors Fail

If a motor fails, your number one concern may be to get the system back up and running as quickly as possible. Sometimes your quickest option is to use a less energy efficient motor due to availability. When replacing a motor, purchase the most efficient model available. The required efficiency level for most motors increased in December 2010. A motor program will get you up and running quicker to meet customer demands and saves you loss production and labor down time expenses. A Motor Calculator will estimate your annual cost savings from a motor upgrade. The DOE MotorMaster Program can also assist with a motor systems management plan.
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