Multi-Drawer Refrigerator - Business 
 For Electric Customers

A multi-drawer cooling unit gives you several units in one, saving you space, lowering your operating costs and increasing productivity in your operation. With some units, each drawer is its own separate compartment and can operate as a refrigerator, a freezer, a thaw cabinet, or a convenience chill unit, independent of the other drawers. Operate any of the drawers in any way any time.

You can operate all drawers as a refrigerator or two refrigerator drawers and two freezer drawers or just select any modes you need for each drawer. You can select one refrigerator, one freezer, one thaw, one chiller or any combination... it's all possible.

Multi-drawer Advantages:
  • Each drawer can operate as a refrigerator, freezer, chiller or thaw, adding flexibility
  • Adapts to any menu from day to day or hour to hour
  • Increased food safety due to no cross contamination from drawer to drawer
  • Each drawer is contained within its own compartment
  • Improves labor efficiencies and may decreased food waste
  • Save valuable floor space by combining four units into one
  • Fewer refrigeration systems mean reduced service cost and energy consumption
  • Some units available in two drawer or four drawer under-counter models.
multi drawer refrigerator
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