Set-top Box 
When you use two inefficient cable boxes (also called set-top boxes) with recording capabilities, you are using more energy than it takes to run a larger kitchen appliance - roughly 500 kWh annually. Consider an ENERGY STAR® certified set-top box, with recording capabilities. It is at least 30% more efficient than conventional models.

Check your cable box(es) for the ENERGY STAR certified label and if not visible, call the cable company to verify what you have. Your cable company may be waiting for your call to request an energy efficient unit.

Another way to save energy is to shut off the box when you’re not watching TV. Some cable TV remotes will shut off the TV and the cable box at the same time. If your cable box can’t power the TV off to save energy, a smart strip can.

A smart strip has several electrical outlets that you plug your computer or home entertainment center peripherals into. The smart strip plugs into the wall outlet allowing devices to be used all at once. A smart strip also has one or two outlets that sense something has been turned on or off. If the smart strip senses that the TV has been turned on, it will automatically turn on the video equipment, cable box and the sound system if you so desire.

If you don’t have a smart strip and have a standard power strip, use the switch to shut everything off. And if you have a hard time remembering to shut the power strip off, plug the power strip into a timer. Set the timer for times you are away or sleeping to save energy.

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Visit the ENERGY STAR website for more information on set-top boxes and cable boxes.
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