Steam Trap Savings Tips 
A steam trap that operates properly collects pure water which is used in the steam process system.
  • Because well water and city water are generally around 55 degrees, more energy is required to heat to reach steam temperature. Every gallon of pure heated water lost will have to be replaced or made up. The made up water has a cost per gallon associated with it that includes the water, chemicals to treat and remove contaminants, filtering, processing equipment, the energy to heat the water to steam temperature, as well as maintenance and labor costs.
  • Consider a steam trap audit to determine if your steam trap is functioning efficiently.

What is a Steam Trap audit?
  • A steam trap auditor uses ultrasound to detect leaking traps that are not capturing the water moisture in the piping.
  • The auditor listens to the trap for flow when in fact the trap should be shut.
  • An audit can determine which traps need to be repaired or inspected and which ones are the major energy wasters.

How to find an Auditor
To request a list of auditors, contact our Energy Advisor Team at 800.522.7583 (Mon. - Fri. - 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.).
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