Energy Efficiency for Your Home Starts Here 

Bulbs and Fixtures
Lighten your energy bill with <a href="/sites/aue/MyHome/Pages/LightingCFLS.aspx">CFLs, LEDs and fixtures</a>.
Natural Gas Programs
Learn ways you can <a href="/sites/aue/NaturalGas/Pages/ResidentialNaturalGasPrograms.aspx">lower</a> your usage.
Retail Locator
Use our <a href="/sites/aue/MyHome/ResEfficiency/Pages/EnergyEfficiencyLookup.aspx">locator tool</a> to find CFL recycling locations near you.
CFL Recycling
Learn more about <a href="/sites/aue/MyHome/ResEfficiency/Pages/CFLrecycling.aspx">CFL recycling</a> and find locations near you.
Energy Advisor
Rebates, Solar Energy and more! Find answers to all of <a href="/sites/aea/Pages/Home.aspx">your energy questions</a>.
Refrigerator Recycling
Learn more about <a href="/sites/aue/MyHome/ResEfficiency/Pages/Refrigeratorrecycle.aspx">refrigerator recycling</a>.
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