Ameren Missouri Forms an Alliance with Westinghouse Electric to Apply for Department of Energy Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Investment Funds
View a detailed presentation regarding the Ameren Missouri/Westinghouse alliance.

On April 19, during a press conference at the Governor’s mansion in Jefferson City, Ameren Missouri announced it had entered into an agreement to support Westinghouse Electric Company’s application for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Small Modular Reactors (SMR) in­vestment funds for up to $452 million. Westinghouse expects to submit its application by mid-May. A final decision is expected in the fall of 2012.
“The recently announced DOE program presents Missouri with a tremendous opportunity to save cus­tomers millions of dollars associated with operating license development costs,” said Ameren Missouri Chairman, President and CEO Warner Baxter. "Equally important, winning the DOE competitive process positions Missouri for a transformational economic development opportunity."

All of Missouri’s electric energy providers have com­mitted to supporting Westinghouse’s application. Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. CEO and General Manager Jim Jura said, "This unprecedented alliance of electric energy providers reflects our collective commitment to take important steps today to address our state’s long-term energy needs and position Missouri for a tremendous economic development opportunity in the future."

Westinghouse selected Missouri because the state offers a strong nuclear operator with an excellent site for development, expertise to support and obtain a combined Construction and Operating license (COL), an alliance of electric energy providers, investment and supportive actions for new nuclear development, a robust university nuclear engineering program, strong support from key state and federal policy makers, including Governor Jay Nixon, Senator Mike Kehoe and Representative Jeanie Riddle, and broad public support.

Ameren Missouri’s legislative efforts surrounding an Early Site Permit have been put on hold.

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