Emergency Preparedness for Callaway Neighbors 
For over 29 years, Callaway Energy Center has had an excellent operating and safety record. A significant part of our commitment to safety is protecting our workers, their families and the public, in the event of an accident or emergency.
Hundreds of Callaway employees work in conjunction with federal, state and local officials to develop and update a detailed emergency preparedness plan.

  • The energy center conducts a full-scale exercise every two years, plus additional drills are conducted routinely between these exercises.
  • Every year the energy center provides vital emergency preparedness information to area residents, special needs populations, schools, businesses and other institutions located within ten miles of the facility - the area most at risk in the event of a release of radioactivity from the reactor.
  • The plan provides protective measures including evacuation routes, shelter and other protective actions depending on the classification of the emergency.
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