Callaway Facts and Figures 
Callaway Energy Center is 5 miles north of the Missouri River on a plateau 300 feet above the average river level. More than 70 sites in four states were studied before the Callaway site was selected.
Reactor Containment Building
  • 205 feet tall
  • 150 feet in diameter
  • Constructed of reinforced concrete and steel
Cooling Tower
  • 553 feet tall and 430 feet in diameter at the base.
  • Cools approximately 585,000 gallons of water per minute when the facility is operating at full power. About 15,000 gallons per minute are lost from the top through evaporation, and another 5,000 gallons per minute are sent to the Missouri River as “blowdown” to flush suspended solids from the cooling tower basin. This water is replaced with water from the river, which is five miles south of the energy center.
  • The cooling tower basin holds 11 million gallons of water. The water is 12 feet deep under the tower, and 20 feet deep at the intake to the circulating water pumps that pump the water through the energy center.
  • The temperature of the water going into the tower is 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The tower cools it to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
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