Timeline and Process 

    Submit your Service Application as soon as project details are known. This will enable Ameren Missouri to best meet your needs. An Ameren Missouri Field Representative will advise you of service requirements and timeframes necessary.
    Complete the specific service application for <a href="/sites/aue/BusinessPartners/ConstructionServices/Pages/NonResProjectsApplications.aspx">Non-Residential</a> or <a href="/sites/aue/BusinessPartners/ConstructionServices/Pages/ResProjects.aspx">Residential</a>. Completed applications can be sent to our Construction Hotline by <a href="mailto:constructionhotline@ameren.com">email</a> or fax to 888.738.0620.<BR><BR> or<BR><BR> Contact our Construction Hotline at 866.992.6619 with your request.
    If a single request is received during normal business hours of 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., the premise number should be available the same day. For multiple premise numbers, the time period is volume dependent. Premise numbers for multiple subdivision lots will be provided by the appropriate Ameren Missouri local district office responsible for the project.
    Under normal circumstances you will be contacted within two business days.
    A mutually agreed upon service date will be established after site and customer requirements are complete.
    Ameren Missouri needs to receive notification that the inspection authority has approved the installation. In some areas the inspection authority will notify Ameren Missouri and in other areas the customer or contractor is responsible for notifying Ameren Missouri. Please verify with your Ameren Missouri Field Representative or local inspection authority to determine the process in your area. Please allow two business days from the time of the inspection for processing by both the inspection authority and Ameren Missouri.
    If the local inspection authority notifies Ameren Missouri on your behalf, you will need your Premise Number or the job address. If the local inspection authority does not contact Ameren Missouri, you will need to contact the local inspection authority directly.
    <ul><li>We recommend you contact a plumber, HVAC contractor, or Appliance Company experienced in natural gas installations. </li><li> Submit the specific <a href="/sites/aue/BusinessPartners/ConstructionServices/Pages/ApplicationHelp.aspx">Service Applications</a> to Ameren Missouri. </li><li> You will be contacted by an Ameren Missouri Field Representative to discuss the project.</li><li> The Ameren Missouri Field Representative will determine any work that will be required of Ameren Missouri and inform you of the schedule, charges for the relocation, customer requirements and the next steps in coordinating the relocation.</li><li> After your contractor has completed the necessary piping changes, he will contact the local inspection authority, if necessary. When the inspection has been approved, the inspection authority or contractor will notify Ameren Missouri the work has been inspected and approved.</li><li> Once we receive notification, Ameren Missouri can complete your connection at the meter.</li></ul>
    Charges may apply. An Ameren Missouri Field Representative will determine the charges and customer requirements based on the work required for each individual service request. Remittance of the charges may be required prior to the work being scheduled. The customer is responsible for the costs associated with the requested relocation.
    Contact the Construction Hotline at 866.992.6619.
    For more information, visit our Rates/Tariff page for <a href="/sites/aue/MyHome/ResidentialRates/Pages/default.aspx">Residential</a> or <a href="/sites/aue/MyBusiness/BusinessRates/Pages/Businessrates.aspx">Business</a>.
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