Additional Resources 
  • Green-e Energy® Renewable Energy Certification Program
    Green-e Energy certifies that Pure Power meets the minimum environmental and consumer protection standards established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. Green-e Energy was established to provide information and an objective standard for consumers to compare renewable energy options and to verify that consumers get what they pay for. 

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory Green Power Network
    The Green Power Network (GPN) provides news and information on green power markets and related activities. The site also includes a reference library of relevant papers, articles and reports. The Green Power Network is operated and maintained by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. 
  • U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership
    EPA’s Green Power Partnership provides assistance and recognition to organizations that demonstrate environmental leadership by choosing green power. As a Green Power Partner, an organization pledges to replace a portion of its electricity consumption with green power within a year of joining the Partnership.  
  • 3Degrees Group, Inc.
    3Degrees is the nationally recognized renewable energy marketing and development firm that runs three of the top-performing voluntary utility renewable energy programs in the country. 
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