Step One - Instructions and Checklist for Customer/Installer 
Ameren Missouri must review your renewable project before operation/installation to determine whether the renewable system could adversely affect the safety, reliability or quality of the local electric utility service.

Please refer to Electric Power Purchases from Qualified Net Metering Units when completing the application steps. *All Net Metering applications submitted Aug. 28, 2013 and after MUST be on the current tariff application forms (bottom right hand corner of sheets No. 171.6, 171.9-171.12 and 171.14-171.15, date effective Aug. 28, 2013).

Use the checklist to ensure you have completed all of the information required for Step One.

Step One
Submit Sections A - D (Sheets No. 171.5-171.12) and for solar projects Sections H - I (Sheets 171.14-171.15)
A. Customer-Generator's Information (complete all fields)

General customer information (This section is exclusively information about the Ameren Missouri customer.)

Please include email address

Company Account No., Name and Service Address fields must match the Ameren Missouri electric bill
B. Customer-Generator's System Information (complete all fields)
  General renewable system information
  Generator should be sized to offset part of all of customer's own electrical energy requirements (not larger than property's electrical requirements)
    Components must be either UL or IEEE certified
    Specific location or inverter/interconnection equipment
    Required AC disconnect switch located near the utility meter and is visible and accessible to Ameren Missouri personnel at all times
C. Installation Information/Hardware and Installation Compliance (complete all fields)

General installer information
    Please include email address
    Installer's signature required (Sheet No. 171.8)
D. Additional Terms and Conditions
    System requirements the customer is agreeing to

Customer's signature required (Sheet No. 171.12)
H.    Solar Rebate Information (only applicable to solar installations) 
               Complete all fields except "System Installation Date"  
I.      Solar Rebate Declaration (only applicable to solar installations) 
               Customer's and Installer's signatures required (Sheet No. 171.15) 
Submit Taxpayer Information Form 
Submit one-line wiring diagram

One-line wiring diagram should show wiring from renewable system to the utility service

Indicate specific location of each component
    Renewable system (solar or wind turbine)
    All disconnect switches (required AC disconnect switch located near the utility meter and is visible and accessible to Ameren Missouri personnel at all times - note on drawing specifically where this disconnect is located - please be very specific)
    Main panel
    Bi-directional meter
    Incoming utility service
Submit spec sheets for each component
    Solar panel spec sheets or wind turbine spec sheets
    Inverter spec sheets

Ameren MIssouri reviews Net Metering application system designs and replies to the customer within 30 days (10 kilowatt (kW) and below systems) or 90 days (11 kW - 100 kW systems).

If system design is approved, Ameren Missouri will send the customer a Design Approval letter. Once the letter is received, the customer can proceed with system installation.

If more information is needed from the customer, Ameren Missouri contacts the customer via email, phone or U.S. mail to request the specific information. When this information is received, and if the information is completed for system design approval, the Design Approval letter should be received within 30 days of receipt of requested information.

Mail original completed Sections A-D, one-line drawing for renewable system and spec sheets for inverter and solar panels or wind turbine to: 

         General Executive, Renewables
         Ameren Energy Fuels & Services
         1901 Chouteau Avenue
         MC 1450
         St. Louis, MO 63103
For application questions, contact Ameren Missouri Renewables at 314.554.2649 or
Step One - Instructions and checklist for customer/installer, Net Metering Two-Step Application Process, Net Metering Application Process
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