ActOnEnergy: BizSavers® Fact Sheets 
Customers and Trade Allies can quickly find ways to lower energy costs and take part in our ActOnEnergy® BizSavers® program using our fact sheets below.
Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Heat up your business' energy savings by installing energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment. Not only will you save money on energy, but cash incentives are available to offset your upfront cost. (Fact sheet)
Gym Lighting
Could your gymnasium score points in energy efficiency? We have incentives available for installing new, energy efficient lighting in your gymnasium, recreation center or health club. Learn why energy efficient lighting could be right for you. (Fact sheet)
IT Incentives
One of your highest costs of computing is energy. Significant operating expense can be saved by using energy efficient IT equipment and by implementing IT upgrades in your buildings. (Fact sheet)
Parking Garage Lighting
Hundreds of Ameren Missouri customers have made the switch from metal halide or high pressure sodium parking garage lights to high efficiency fluorescent or LED fixtures. (Fact sheet)
Variable Frequency Drives
  Does your facility have fixed-speed fans and pumps that continually run full speed? Our ActOnEnergy BizSavers program has thousands of dollars in cash incentives available to offset the upfront costs of installing an energy-saving Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). VFDs slow a motor when full speed isn't necessary - saving energy and money. (Fact sheet)
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