You can update your order <a href="">online</a> or call the Ameren Missouri Customer Contact Center to reschedule your appointment (<b>314.342.1111</b> in the St. Louis metro area or <b>800.552.7583</b> outside the St. Louis metro area).
    Service dates are scheduled in advance to ensure we will be able to meet customer requests. If the calendar shows a day as unavailable, there are no available appointments for that date. We ask that you select the next available date.
    Currently, the online service request is available to residential customers only. Please contact the Ameren Missouri Customer Contact Center (<b>314.342.1111</b> in the St. Louis metro area or <b>800.552.7583</b> outside the St. Louis metro area) to start service.
    Service will be placed in your name effective the date you requested.
    We will do everything we can to provide you service on the date requested. However, if there should be a problem with the website, if an emergency situation occurs (e.g., such as storm outage repairs, or gas emergency), your order may be delayed.
    Ameren Missouri will light the pilot light at the time of the initial connect request. However, for safety reasons, if there have been new gas appliances installed or recently repaired, Ameren Missouri will only unlock the gas and check for proper installation and the installing contractor or designee will need to light appliances.
    Use the following tips for entering a service address:<br/> <ul> <li>Spell out all abbreviated words (e.g., Saint Louis).</li> <li>It is not necessary to use punctuation marks or apostrophes (e.g., O Fallon).</li> <li> ZIP Codes should be five digits (e.g., 63116, 63017).</li> <li>To help identify the location you are moving into, you can always enter the eight digit Ameren meter number if you are not sure of the address or for rural addresses that don't have conventional street addresses.</li> </ul> The United States Postal Service provides a helpful website to check service addresses: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.
    You can update your order <a href="">online</a>, if you originally placed the order online. If you did not originally place your order online, please contact the Ameren Missouri <a href="/sites/aue/Pages/ContactUs.aspx">Customer Contact Center</a>.
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