Lake of the Ozarks  
Shoreline Management Plan
Read about the <a href="/sites/aue/lakeoftheozarks/Pages/ShorelineManagementPlanAmeren.aspx">Shoreline Management Plan</a>.
Non-Conforming Structure Inventory
Find your property on <a href="/sites/aue/lakeoftheozarks/Pages/NonConfStructures.aspx"> the index map</a>.
Permitting Requirements
Requirements for all <a href="/sites/aue/lakeoftheozarks/Pages/FormsRequirements.aspx">Lake permits</a>.
Dock Electrical Safety
Requirements for <a href="/sites/aue/lakeoftheozarks/Pages/DockElectricalInstallations.aspx">electrical installations</a> on boat docks.
Permitting Forms
Download <a href="/sites/aue/lakeoftheozarks/Pages/PermittingForms.aspx">applications and forms</a>.
Online Permits & Payments
Use our <a href="" target="_blank">online tool</a> to apply and pay for permits or to pay your annual dock fees.
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