Smart Grid Benefits 
How you benefit from the Smart Grid.
  • Improved Reliability. Smart devices, strategically located on our lines and our largest pieces of equipment, help to reduce the frequency, size, and duration of outages.
  • Greater Efficiency. Customer meters, grid sensors, and energy efficient line devices continuously monitor and communicate with our system to improve efficiency and apply downward pressure on electric rates.

How the Smart Grid improves your electric service reliability.
  • Reduce Outage Size. Smart switches automatically sense disturbances on the grid and operate on their own to isolate damage points and restore as many customers as possible via alternative routes - all before the first person is even dispatched to the scene.
  • Reduce Outage Frequency. On-line diagnostic sensors monitor the “health” of our largest pieces of equipment and provide notifications that allow us to intervene and remove failing components from service before an outage occurs.
  • Reduce Outage Duration. Grid sensors sense disturbances as they occur and wirelessly communicate what they’ve detected to operating personnel. This way, detailed information regarding specific locations can be given to field personnel before they’re even dispatched, meaning less time is needed to diagnose the problem and make repairs.

How the Smart Grid may help you prepare for the future.
  • Plug-In Electric Vehicles. Smart grid will allow you to recharge your vehicle while at work, school or running errands, and will be able to bill to the proper account.
  • Smart Appliances. In the future, the appliances you own - dishwashers, clothes washers, dryers and thermostats - will interact with the smart grid to run during the lowest billing rate times to help reduce your energy costs.
  • Customer Generation. It’s already possible today for customers to generate a portion of the energy they use each month. Further advances in this technology should drive costs down to a point where things like fuel cells and rooftop solar panels become standard household features. Ameren supports these advances for the energy costs savings to customers and the positive impact on the environment.
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