Appliance Timer 
Using an automatic timer to turn on and off computers, stereo equipment, coffee makers, water coolers, printers and copiers can help conserve energy. Before you decide to install a timer on security lighting, consider the safety aspects of having the light on or off.

When installing timers, think about all the appliances in your home or business where you could benefit from using a timer. Installation is simple: You just enter the time for the item to turn on and when to turn it off. Some timers have the ability to turn an item on and off several times during a 24-hour period.

Another great option is to plug the timer into a power strip allowing several items to turn on and off at once. Remember, timers have current limits, so talk to the retailer and purchase one that fits your particular need.

A properly sized timer installed on a pump used for such items as an outside fountain or waterfall, hot tub, small fish pond, or swimming pool will definitely save more energy than allowing the pump motor to run 24/7. While there is a large current inrush for the motor at start-up, it is very short-term, just a few seconds and does not significantly contribute to total energy consumption. Be sure the timer you choose is heavy enough and rated for the electrical load you are controlling. Your local home improvement store can help you with your choice.
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