Boiler/Burner Overview 
For Natural Gas Customers

The boiler is a part of a larger system used to produce heat. The heat from the burning fuel is transferred through the boiler tubes which heat the water. The boiler may be used to heat the water or create steam. The fuel type and heat of the water depend on the commercial industry need and the type of boiler used.

The burner uses fuel which generates the flame to heat the water. Some burners have an air inlet to mix with the gas fuel to complete combustion. Other burners rely on mechanical equipment to regulate the air coming into the combustion chamber mixing with the fuel. Fans and dampers regulate the proper air to the natural gas/fuel ratio to the boiler. The better the combustion ratio of air to fuel, the more energy efficient the process will be.

Trained technicians can analyze the gases leaving the stack or chimney and make recommendations to improve the fuel to air ratio, increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs. Today, the National Boiler Codes specify that all commercial boilers must be checked by a licensed boiler contractor at least once a year.
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