Choose the Right CFL Bulb 
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Kelvin is traditionally used to describe the temperature of light. In the visible spectrum of light, this color temperature is perceived by our eyes differently and "warmth" or "white" light is actually good descriptions to convey the differences. Why does this matter with lights and more specifically, why is 2700 a number of importance?

Photographers and lighting designers speak of color temperatures in "degrees kelvin". For example, 2700L represents the color of an old traditional incandescent bulb, 3200K represents a typical indoor color temperature, and 5500K represents typical daylight color temperature. The lower the kelvin temperature number, the warmer or more yellow the light is. The higher the kelvin temperature, the light is more white, brighter and more blue.

It’s important to choose the right bulb for each type of light fixture in your home to get the longest use from CFLs. Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo when you buy bulbs, to get a safe, efficient, high-performance lighting product.

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