Clothes Dryer - Heat Pump Overview 
 For Electric Customers

Today’s electric clothes dryers use some energy-saving technologies that don’t even require an outside vent! Most dryers have a rotating drum called a tumbler through which circulates heated air to evaporate the moisture from the material. The tumbler is rotated to maintain space between the articles of material to remove moisture.

How does a heat pump clothes dryer work?
  • While conventional condensation dryers use heated or ambient air to dry, a heat pump takes the hot humid air from the tumbler and passes the air through the heat pump where the cold side condenses the water vapor into either a drain pipe or a collection tank and the hot side reheats the air.
  • Not only does the dryer avoid the need for ducting, it also conserves much of its heat within the dryer instead of exhausting it into the surroundings.
  • Heat pump dryers can use less than half the energy required by either condensation or traditional dryers.

For more information
Learn about this new technology on the ENERGY STAR® website and the eHow Home website.
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