Compressed Air Overview 
For Electric Customers

What is Compressed Air?
Compressed air is often used around the home to make jobs easier.

Air compressors are used to inflate both bicycle and car tires, basketballs, pool toys and more. Air hand tools for the home are designed to save time and to make work easier.
Using compressed air tools at home, such as an impact wrench to remove the tires from the car or a high speed air grinder to remove a rusted bolt on an exhaust system, makes previously time-consuming manual tasks shorter and easier. Air compressors can also be a valuable tool when building a home by using a nail gun for framing or putting on a roof.

As air equipment and tools are used, leaks in hoses, fittings and other parts of the system may develop, allowing air to leak out from the storage tank. As pressure drops in the storage tank, it causes the compressor to revert the pressure back to operating pressure. Air equipment needs to be checked regularly so the compressor uses energy more efficiently running only when being used and not when air leaks cause a false reading in the compressor.
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