Desiccant Cooling Overview 
 For Electric Customers

Summertime comfort is not only related to outdoor temperature, but also to relative humidity. During the cooling season, people tend to feel more comfortable at a lower relative humidity. Desiccants can help remove moisture to improve comfort, air quality, and perform more efficiently than standard air conditioning systems. The desiccant materials absorb moisture and can be dried or regenerated by adding heat supplied by natural gas, waste heat, or the sun. In most systems, a wheel that contains a desiccant turns slowly to pick up humidity from incoming air and discharge it to the outdoors. One advantage of a desiccant system is the ability to control humidity and temperature independently.

A desiccant system can be combined with a conventional air conditioning system in which the desiccant removes the humidity and the air conditioner lowers air temperature. This helps guarantee both the desired temperature and the desired humidity level are attained in an energy efficient manner.
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