Hot Water Reader Overview 
For Electric & Natural Gas Customers

Use a thermometer, a cooking thermometer or a simple credit card type thermometer to quickly check the hot water temperature coming out of your sink faucets. Simply put the thermometer in a coffee mug and put the mug in the kitchen sink. Run hot water into the mug for about 3-5 minutes and read the thermometer. Knowing the water temperature can help you make smarter choices to save energy, such as turning down the temperature on your water heater. 

Consult your water heater owner’s manual for instructions on how to operate and lower the thermostat. After you adjust your water heater temperature, it will take at least a day for the water temperature itself to adjust, so finding the optimal temperature may take several attempts and several days. Once you find the temperature setting to your liking, take a marker and mark the dial on the water heater for future reference. If you plan to be away from home for at least three days, turn the thermostat down to the lowest setting to conserve energy while you are away.
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