Ductwork fan or in-line duct fan 
For Electric & Natural Gas Customers

A ductwork fan, also called an in-line duct fan, will keep the air in your home circulating to eliminate stale, humid and contaminated air. You can choose from single or multi-port fans whether you’re focusing on one room or several rooms. Fan designs allow for installation right into the heating and cooling system ductwork and can be strategically placed to boost the air to more than one room at a time. This type of installation may require a qualified technician for installation and electric needs.

An in-line duct fan is designed to fit right into the forced air register opening in the floor. Using this type of fan will require plugging the fan into a local electrical outlet for powering the fan motor. Either of these fans can help your heating and cooling system with a little extra boost when trying to push heated air or cooled air to that room that never seems to be the right temperature.

For more information, check with your local home improvement store or HVAC technician to determine what will work best for your specific need. Compare ENERGY STAR® certified ventilating fans.
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