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Lithium ion batteries (LIBs) are one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries for portable computers, electronic games, and cell phones. Lithium ion batteries have a great energy punch for their size. In addition to consumer electronics, LIBs are also growing in popularity for military, electric vehicle, and aerospace applications. Research is yielding a stream of improvements to traditional LIB technology, focusing on energy density, durability, cost and safety.

Lithium ion batteries are popular because they have a number of important advantages over competing technologies. They are lighter, can store more energy than conventional batteries and hold a charge longer when in storage or not in use. LIBs have no memory for effect which means that you do not have to completely discharge them before recharging and they can handle hundreds of charge/discharge cycles. 

Lithium ion batteries begin immediate degradation as soon as they leave the factory. They will only last two or three years from the date of manufacture whether you use them or not. LIBs are extremely sensitive to high temperatures so heat causes them to degrade much faster than they normally would. If you completely discharge a lithium-ion battery, it is ruined and there is a small chance that, if a lithium ion battery pack fails, it will burst into flames.
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