Net Metering Overview 
 For Electric Customers

Net metering allows any Ameren Missouri electric customer who is generating electricity from their own renewable generating source, such as wind and solar, the opportunity to offset part or all of their electric energy requirements from the utility if all required qualifying conditions are met.

For example, if you have a wind generator and through net metering, you generate 60 kWh onto the utility grid and use only 50 kWh of electricity for that particular month, the excess generated electricity is 10 kWh. This 10 kWh will be credited to you at avoided cost by the utility for that particular month.  If you pushed 40 kWh onto the utility grid and used 50 kWh from the utility for the month, you will be billed the amount used over what you pushed to the utility or 10 kWh. Net metering measures "customer's load" supplied by Ameren Missouri versus the “customer's generation” supplied to Ameren Missouri’s system and is settled on a monthly basis.
To take advantage of net metering and to connect with the Ameren grid, several steps are required to in order to qualify. The first step is to complete the net metering application, prior to starting construction.

If you meet the requirements as specified in the net metering section, you would receive approximately the retail rate for energy you store on the Ameren Missouri system and use.

  • The customer's generating system must comply with electrical codes and with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requirements.  
  • A required visible AC lockable disconnecting switch between the inverter and the AC panel (within 10 feet of the Ameren billing meter) to protect utility workers working on the utility system.
  • There is a charge to change your current billing meter to a required bi-directional meter and there may also be additional charges related to any Ameren system upgrades required to accommodate the addition of your generation system.
  • To start the process, complete the net metering application with required supporting documentation and submit to Ameren. (Sections A-D)

Net Metering Application process - flow chart

The Ameren Missouri utility bill account number associated with the renewable installation is required. Step one of the process is to obtain approval of the system design in order to begin construction. It is strongly advised that you obtain design approval prior to construction of your renewable system.

Ameren Missouri account holders who are in good standing and finalize a Solar PV net metering agreement can qualify for a $2/watt up to a $50,000 (25 kW system) Ameren Missouri rebate. For other federal and state incentives, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Energy Efficiency website.
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