Pool Pump 
For Electric Customers

Pool pumps are available in multispeed and variable-speed models, which allow you to lower the speed to help reduce energy usage. You can add a timer to your pump to regulate the amount of time the pump runs. You can identify a setting for daytime and a different setting for night time.

If your filter is clogged, the pump motor works harder trying to push pool water through the filter. Regular maintenance of the pool filter will help reduce the strain on the motor and the amount of energy needed to filter the water.

It is important to keep your skimmer clean. If you have a partially clogged skimmer, the water may not flow properly  through the pump and filter, which means you may have a longer filtering run time. Consider using a pool cover, which not only keeps leaves, insects and other debris out, it also helps prevent clogging the skimmer or filer.

ENERGY STAR® has a product category for swimming pool pumps. An energy efficient pump will typically use 30 - 45% less energy. View a list of ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps.
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