Power Strip/Smart Strip 
For Electric Customers

Turn off the lights in your home and look all around at the lights on computers, TVs and other electronic equipment. All of those glowing lights are LEDs, clocks and power switches stealing electricity like electronic vampires. While you can't slay them, you might be able to eliminate these vampires more easily with the help of a traditional power strip or smart power strip.

Traditional power strips are an affordable way to expand the number of electrical outlets in your home. But their convenience can encourage you to leave electronics plugged in all the time drawing energy that you’re paying for even when you're not using them. Printers, scanners, speakers, monitors, DVD players, computers, sound systems, game consoles, phone chargers, laptop chargers and more are all examples of products with standby modes making them convenient to use but are using significant power on the sly.
A traditional power strip normally includes a manual switch to turn the device on and off at one time, shutting off everything plugged into it. A smart strip has one or two outlets that sense something has been turned on or off and will shut off other devices that are connected to the main device being turned off. For example, turning off a TV would tell a smart strip to go ahead and turn off the surround sound system, DVD player, game console, and more. With a traditional power strip, you have to remember to turn the device off to get the energy savings. For more information, go to the US Department of Energy.

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