Reflector CFL Overview 
For Electric Customers

An indoor reflector CFL, or "R" series bulb, are flood or spotlight bulbs available in several sizes. The number on the bulb should provide the diameter, but you can also figure the diameter by taking the size number on the bulb, such as R20, and divide by 8. An R20 bulb is 2 1/2 inches diameter; an R30 bulb is 3 3/4 inches; and an R40 bulb is 5 inches. Measuring the diameter of your existing can light before you head to the store will help you select the right R-CFL.

Reflector CFLs are available in most big box stores and home improvement stores, but selections may be limited. You may also want to try a local electrical supply store that often stocks a larger variety of these bulbs. When choosing a CFL, be sure the bulbs are ENERGY STAR® certified.  Not all CFLs are appropriate for recessed, outdoor fixtures or dimming applications. Be sure you check the label on the packaging before making your purchase.

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