Residential/Home Energy Audit Overview 
For Electric & Natural Gas Customers

Energy Audit, evaluation or survey
An energy audit identifies when, where, how and why electricity and natural gas are consumed in your daily usage. Based on the information found, a priority list is created  and developed with recommendations. The recommendations can range from serious safety concerns to simple adjustments in current habits or system controls, to investments in new appliances, windows/doors, equipment, etc. A resport should identify recommented improvements based upon the intent of the audit and the overall cost/benefit of a given improvement or recommendation.

A home energy audit is a method to determine the energy efficiencies of a home and can be evaluated by a professional or efficiency basics by the average homeowner. A home energy audit includes many different areas and can provide you with many opportunities to make wiser choices. Professional auditors use specialty equipment such as a blower door test, infared, and other equipment to determine potential energy savings. An auditor can provide you with energy saving numbers along with recommendations for corrections and improvements. Changing habits and making improvement regarding the overall thermal performance, efficiency, physical condition, and appliance improvement including the HVAC equipment, and thermostat are ways to increase efficiency.

Request a list of qualified auditors from the Ameren Missouri Energy Advisor Team or go to the Department of Natural Resources Energy Center at Missouri Certified Home Energy Auditor Directory.

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