Space Heater Savings Tips 
How energy efficient is a space heater compared to running a furnace?
  • A small space heater can be less expensive than turning up your central heating if you want keep one space warmer than the rest of your house. 
  • A space heater can boost the temperature and comfort of the room you’re in, instead of turning up the furnace and overheating your entire home. 
  • Small space heaters are often used when a central heating system costs too much to install or use, or when a home’s main heating system can’t keep the home comfortable. 
  • Space heaters can boost room temperature and comfort for people who are sensitive to cold.

Where can I find information on space heaters? 
See the U.S. Department of Energy’s report on gas and electric portable space heaters - and always use space heaters safely, to prevent fire or injury!
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